Irland-Reise Nachschau…

Irland-Reise Nachschau…

Our trip to Ireland 2014 Full of joy we were looking forward to September as the 7th formers of Fichtnergasse would go on their traditional trip to Ireland – and this time we would be the main players. After a three-hour flight we arrived at Dublin airport and a short time later we were picked up by our host families, who were all very nice and hospitable. Every day we had breakfast at home and then we took the DART into the city centre where we went to school. In the afternoons we went on excursions in order to get an impression of the country. In summary, it can be said that our stay in Ireland was worthwhile. We experienced a lot of things, had fun (especially in the evenings) and, last but not least, the course we attended was educational and helpful to improve our English.

Lisa Lehner & Martina Jukic

In September 2014 we went to Dublin for two weeks. We were quite busy as we attended a course, went on some excursions and tried to practise English whenever possible. We were accommodated in pairs at our host families in the northeast of Dublin. Every morning before school we had breakfast and then we set off for school with our lunch boxes. In the afternoons we often went on trips in and around Dublin. In the evenings our host mum prepared dinner and we had a nice time together. In the first week we had a day off; so we had the opportunity to go shopping or just do what we wanted to. All in all, we definitely improved our English and we had a really great time in Ireland!

Arzu Agören & Leonie Lagler

This year a lot of us had the chance to go to Ireland. We stayed with some friendly host families who welcomed us heartily. After a free Sunday we had our first day at SWAN Institute, where we were split into three groups. The teachers there helped us whenever necessary and they taught us many interesting things. In the afternoons we went to a lot of different places like Dalkey Castle, the Guinness Brewery, Trinity College or Glendalough. Sometimes we even had a guide who told us something about the city and its sights. Saturday was our day off and we could go shopping and sightseeing in Dublin – all by ourselves.

Anastasia Marek

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