Dystopic Environments with Britta Benno

Dystopic Environments with Britta Benno

Once again we had the chance to get an artist from abroad into the classroom. Artist Britta Benno from Tallinn, Estonia, has been invited to Vienna via the public program for cultural exchange ArtistInResidence by KulturKontaktAustria. And what an exchange. Britta Benno faced us with imaginations of futures that are probably without human beings or new species. But what will be left? What will remain of the current civilization? And how will that be seen? Or could be visualized? One may say, How does she dare to be that pessimistic? Well, she would say how dares someone to think only positively about the future or even does not.

On the second day Britta Benno came to school, she introduced us to printmaking especially Kaltnadel printing by using old tetrapackboxes. We were about to print our images of architectural remains, but next to that, the students were so enthusiastic on the technique that they printed a lot more stuff.


Here is the link to the photos of the workshop.

Here is the link Britta Benno´s website and her works.

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